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Light Style, established in 2001 , is leading total lighting solutions provider.

We are the one-stop-shop destination for project based lighting. We are committed to developing light solutions that improve efficiency and comfort through advanced and innovative lighting luminaries and lighting control systems.

We operate from offices in Bangkok and Phuket , serving clients from Thailand and Southeast Asian region.

We work with designers to provid lighting solutions that can meet even the most aesthetic and functional needs. Our aim is to provide optimal results in a wide range of applications including indoor architectural lighting , façade and landscape lighting, customized decorative lighting, and lighting control.

To meet the demands of the lighting industry and meticulously fulfill design requirements, we have partnered with Deltalight from Belgium, Zumtobel from Germany and Lutron from USA .


At Delta Light – a Belgian family business – we design and manufacture architectural lighting and collaborate with architects, designers, contractors and investors to integrate light into their projects. We have been doing this through a global network since 1989, working on small and large scale houses, hotels, offices, public buildings, retail and hospitality environments.

COMPANY INFO Incorporated in Belgium in 1989 by business manager and designer Paul Ameloot, today Delta Light has developed to become the market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting. Presenting innovative lighting designs, the company is recognised throughout the world for its subtle blend of ambiance, elegance, functionality, and design, both in interior and exterior lighting. The future of Delta Light is guaranteed with Peter and Jan Ameloot joining their father at the helm of the company, bringing additional dynamism and ambition to the team.

Building on its reputation as manufacturer of architectural lighting, Delta Light has grown to become a trendsetter when it comes to lighting designs for residential, commercial and professional environments. Ranging from retail to residential, office, public, showrooms to hospitality and landscape projects, small to very large scale, Delta Light has the product range, experience and knowledge to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your projects.

Over the years Delta Light established its growth based on in-house design, R&D, quality control, testing and production. From design to engineering and prototyping, all the way to production, packaging and stocking… all is handled at the Delta Light headquarters in Belgium.


Luce & Light - Italy branding, with a flair for innovation and a profound appreciation of architectural projects. L&L lighting fixtures integrate perfectly with both indoor and outdoor spaces and surfaces to recreate natural architectural illumination. All the products are designed at headquarters in Vicenza, Veneto, where meticulous creative process guarantees the highest possible quality and the greatest, long-lasting reliability.

The different experiences that the three partners have brought to the company are expressed through cutting-edge technical design, associated with the analysis and selection of raw materials, a fully in-house mechanical and electronic production cycle, and thorough product testing. The availability of professional advice for your lighting projects, coupled with our deep commitment to after-sales care, make L&L a leading light in the sector.


Philips Color Kinetics has been transforming environments with innovative LED lighting solutions since 1997 Philips Color Kinetics started the LED lighting revolution with its unparalleled expertise and commitment to innovation. Philips Color Kinetics has a rich portfolio of versatile, easy-to-use LED lighting solutions, in both colored and white light. Philips Color Kinetics has the track record to prove the longevity and reliability of its LED lighting solutions. Philips Color Kinetics makes LED lighting fixtures that deliver high levels of color quality, consistency, and energy efficiency. Philips Color Kinetics effectively educates and informs its customers about LED lighting solutions and technology. Philips Color Kinetics provides comprehensive customer support, from specification through configuration and operation.


Thorn’s High performance lighting solutions can be found in many different applications such as sport , road , tunnel , cityscape , office, education or industry in more than 100 countries. Thorn focus on digitally-integrated solutions through the latest lighting controls technology. Thorn’s lighting solutions are easy to specify , install, and maintain.


THORN eco offer an economical range of state-of-the-art LED luminaires that are ideal for the like-for-like replacement of all traditional lighting sources within industrial, office and outdoor applications.

All products are designed to fulfil the needs of the modern customer by providing an increased quality of lighting, substantial energy savings and a longer life span. It is simple to install, requires reduced maintenance and need fewer replacement parts.


Zumtobel, a company of the Zumtobel Group, is an internationally leading supplier of integral lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor building lighting applications. For more than 50 years, Zumtobel has been developing innovative, custom lighting solutions that meet extremely exacting requirements in terms of ergonomics, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility and also deliver aesthetic added value.

MODULAR LIGHTING SYSTEMS A modular design ensures maximum flexibility and capability of easy combination. This allows modular lighting systems to grow in line with increasing requirements.

DOWNLIGHTS Zumtobel downlights smoothly blend into the interior design, providing subtle illumination from the ceiling that meets even the most exacting demands.

RECESSED LUMINAIRES Recessed luminaires blend into the ceiling seamlessly and unobtrusively, consistently allowing architecture to take centre stage.

FREE-STANDING AND WALL-MOUNTED LUMINAIRES Flexible working environments call for flexible lighting. Free-standing luminaires can be placed easily anywhere in the room, providing direct and optionally also indirect light wherever the user needs it. Luminaires mounted in or on the wall create a pleasant atmosphere, while also helping to show the way and improve safety along corridors,walkways and in corners.


Preciosa is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of high-precision cut crystal components since 1724. Over the centuries, Preciosa has consolidated and expanded its knowledge of the characteristic properties of crystal. Today Preciosa’s experts work magic on these delicate attributes: transparency, fragility and the ability to change its shape when in liquid form.

In 2017, in the heart of Prague, the next chapter in Preciosa’s rich Bohemian crystal history began. The new Preciosa Flagship store cherishes the traditions of the last three hundred years, honors the iconic designs of this history, and presents the brilliance and craftsmanship of its chandeliers for a new generation to experience


Philips Dynalite is part of the Philips Lighting Professional Systems group. This global group includes several other worldwide leaders in LED lighting and advanced lighting controls – including Philips Color Kinetics, Philips CityTouch, and Philips Large Luminous Surfaces. Combined, these groups offer years of market knowledge and experience in developing best-in-class lighting solutions and controls. Philips Lighting builds on an extraordinary strengths and depth of expertise to bring the best-in-the-industry connected lighting systems to our valued customers and partners.

Philips offers the right control solution for all of your lighting needs, From simple wall-mounted dimmers to comprehensive lighting management software systems. Whether your lighting system includes incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lamps and luminaires, Philips controls allow you to enhance comfort, support tasks, ensure the safe navigation of spaces, and save energy. Combining digital show controllers with color-changing and tunable white light LED luminaires allows you to transform environments with dynamic, full-color light shows. Sophisticated lighting management software offers centralized, remote light point management, supporting connected lighting systems that provide the best illumination experiences, maximize energy efficiency and resiliency, and offer extraordinary value beyond illumination.


Lutron Lighting Controls Lutron is the pioneer of lighting controls since 1961. It was founded by Mr. Joel Spira, who has founded the solid state dimmer in 1959. Lutron has advanced the technology of lighting control while maintaining top market position by focusing on exceptional quality and design to lead the market in high-quality lighting controls for fluorescent, halogen incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage and LED light sources.

Lighting Controls for Every Market Lutron light control products range from individual dimmers to total light management systems that control entire building complexes. On the commercial side, light controls are essential in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, conference facilities, educational facilities, hospitals, museums, and public spaces. Lutron light control systems beautify some of the world’s most prestigious public locations

On the residential side, light controls are installed everywhere from single-room apartments to palatial homes, including the White House and Windsor Castle.

Individual dimmers create a cozy atmosphere at the touch of a button, or can be operated from the car to turn lights on as you approach the house. Groups of dimmers can be operated remotely from a cell phone, PDA, laptop, iPod, touch screen, or universal remote control.

Energy Saving Lutron offers dimmers, occupancy/ vacancy sensors, light control systems, and shading solutions to reduce lighting energy use, optimize system performance, and enhance the visual environment.



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